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    VSR PRIMARY TURBOCHARGER BALANCER SBR-10 – equipment for professionals in turbocharger repair

    SBR-10 machine is a professional special equipment for high-speed balancing of assembled cartridges. It is ideal for repair workshops specializing in turbocharger reconditioning. It solves a wide range of tasks that service stations face on a daily basis.


    The SBR-10 has a universal mounting system for any cartridge weighing up to 9 kg. The equipment is highly productive and is used not only in workshops, but also in production facilities with serial production of turbochargers. The balancing machine stops automatically at an unacceptable vibration value, which prevents destruction of the cartridge even if mistakes are made during assembly. This feature and the triple degree of oil cleaning make it the safest of its kind.

    The tasks it solves:


    • high-speed modal balancing of cartridges (up to 300,000 rpm);
    • vibration testing of assembled cartridges (from 0,2 to 10 G);
    • Running-in of cartridges after assembly at operating speeds;
    • checking the cartridges for oil leakage;
    • assembly quality control (report generation and printing);


    The balancing machine is equipped with an oil station with hydraulic pump for quality testing and cartridge part preservation. A highly sensitive suspension determines the position and unbalance of the shaft at operating speeds (80,000 to 300,000 rpm). The turbocharger is accelerated to operating speeds by compressed air through the pneumatic system.


    Electrical equipment of the machine has an industrial design and is located in a electric cabinet. The control panel and industrial computer with a touch screen are also built into the electric cabinet and serve for control, input and output of information.

    • Balancing of cartridges up to 9 kg in safe conditions as the hydraulic system supplies heated oil (from 40 to 65 ° C) under pressure (1-4 bar) to the cartridge creating a ” lubricating wedge ” that protects the parts from wear and tear at high speed;
    • Elimination of unbalance without removing the cartridge from the stand, eliminating the need to reset it due to the triple degree of cleaning oil, eliminating ingress of chips and particles into the cartridge;
    • High quality repair without risks. The bench is equipped with an auto-stop system in case of a high vibration level, which prevents a poorly assembled cartridge from destroying itself on the bench.
    • The alarm system, pressure gauges and temperature relay allow for an immediate assessment of the condition of all the support systems of the bench;
    • The well-thought-out design of the enclosure provides free access to any component or unit of the bench, as well as guarantees comfortable and safe work of the operator in the working area;
    • Balancing of the turbocharger at rated speeds corresponding to the requirements of the European standard ISO 11342:1994;
    • A wide database with the possibility of its self-renewal will allow the bench to remain up-to-date for 10 years;
    • Display of graphs of the previous measurement enables quick assessment of the efficiency of the unbalance correction, simplifying the analysis of the graphs;
    • Display of phase, vibration acceleration, speed and tolerance in digital and graphical formats makes balancing easier and allows you to quickly master the operation of the balancing system without special training;
    • Balance reports are stored in the computer, containing results, date, time, turbine type and job order number. They can be printed on the printer to confirm the quality of the assembly and balance;
    • Safe operation of the machine is ensured in accordance with the requirements of EN ISO 12100.

    Main specification

    Parameters Value
    Maximum weight turbocharger cartridge, kg 9
    Maximum compressor wheel diameter, mm 80
    Maximum achievable rotor rotation frequency, rpm 250 000
    Pneumatic system operating pressure, MPa 0,8 – 1,0
    Minimum recommendable receiver volume, m3 1,0
    Overall machine dimensions (length x width x height), mm 780 х 1120 х 1274
    Weight, kg (approximately) 285
    Parameters mains supply 220V ± 10%, 1 Ph, 50Hz ± 1
    Power input, kW 1,5
    Special application measuring system Special balancing system PAK-SBR
    Requirements for foundation The machine is mounted on a standard hard floor in workshop

    We supply

    VSR primary turbocharger balancer SBR-10 assembly modes

    with balancing system PAK-SBR

    Oil tank with heated oil for 12 L.

    Adapter kit to install three types of turbines, including turbine with a lower oil supply

    Operations manual of the machine with acceptance test report and schematic circuit diagram

    Operating Manual balancing system


    High universality

    Service in the EU

    Short time measurement

    Low-cost maintenance

    Reliable and productive

    Quick payback time


    • Universal mounting system – installation of any cartridge without problems (even with lower oil supply e.g. VW TOUAREG 2.5 TDI, TOYOTA 2.0 D);
    • Adapters made from plastic – no damage to the parts of the cartridge due to errors;
    • Simple design of the adapters – independent increase of the stand functionality, adaptation to your needs;
    • Adjustment of oil pressure and temperature – correct tests and balancing of any turbocharger, possibility of using inexpensive semi-synthetic oils;
    • Optimal volume of the oil station – quick oil heating and long oil change period;
    • The bench has a minimum of automation – low chance of equipment failure, no special knowledge and skills are required for the maintenance of the bench;
    VSR Control Panel
    SBR-10 and cartridge
    VSR Control Panel
    VSR measurement system

    Specific features of the PAK-SBR software and hardware complex:

    • PAK-SBR operates on the basis of an industrial computer with Windows operating system – easy to learn;
    • High noise immunity and software filters – no measurement errors;
    • Display of all parameters on one screen – easy monitoring and analysis of the process;
    • Graphical and pie chart – speeds up analysis of measurement results and simplifies work;
    • Saving the results of balancing – create and print reports at any convenient time.
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