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    Upgrade Your Turbo Repair: Geomet 2000 Tuning and Diagnostics of Variable Nozzle Turbines

    “Geomet 2000” is a specialized bench for tuning and testing controlled turbochargers (VNTs). The equipment is adapted to the needs of turbocharger repair workshops.  As a rule, this bench is used for adjusting and testing turbochargers of trucks and cars, but its design also makes it possible to work with turbochargers of special vehicles and small boats.


    The bench consists of a housing with a powerful air compressor inside which the vacuum (or air pressure) is created during adjustment and testing of turbochargers. The test bench is controlled by an industrial computer with a touch screen and a control panel located on the body of the test bench.


    With the help of the simulator you can solve such tasks:


    • diagnostics of controlled turbochargers (VNT) with vacuum, pneumatic or electronic (option) control;
    • adjustment of the stop position of the airflow control mechanism will eliminate the “overblow” effect detrimental to the engine;
    • adjusting the length of the actuator rod to adjust the moment of the airflow control mechanism actuation;
    • check of the control valve N75 (a unique feature of the test bench) to analyze the faults of the turbocharging control system of the car;
    • evaluation of the actuator spring wear degree for in-depth diagnostics of vacuum and pneumatic actuators;
    • Transferring the control program (option) when replacing the electronic actuator cover;
    • The simulator is adapted for joint work with the ATP-1000 tester-programmer.


    Installation and fixing of the turbocharger on the stand is made with magnetic adapter, and for turbochargers made of non-magnetic material there are lugs for fixing by means of clamps. The standard adaptor kit allows the installation of 80 % of popular turbocharger models.

    The bench adjusts and tests the turbocharger by comparing the inlet and outlet air pressure of the turbocharger when its drive is activated. Shaft rotation locking eliminates the need for an oil station, which reduces the bench’s maintenance and repair costs.

    • Installation time of the turbocharger from 5 to 15 seconds thanks to the mounting method and the magnetic adapter;
    • Any turbocharger can be installed, even those made of non-magnetic materials;
    • The ergonomic design of the stand allows free access to any part or unit of the stand, and the wide table allows to work unobstructed.
    • An air filter prevents even the smallest particles from getting into the turbocharger during testing, adjustment or diagnostics.
    • High repairability is due to easily accessible components and bench design.


    Software features:

    • The “real-time” information display and the availability of tolerance fields make it easy to set up and work on the bench without special training;
    • The large “database of turbine characteristics” (more than 2,200) can be replenished independently by taking the characteristics of a new turbine. This makes the stand in demand even after 10 years;
    • Calibration of the test bench is done by the operator in 10 seconds. It minimizes errors by automatically taking into account the ambient conditions of the working room;
    • The construction of graphs allows a qualitative assessment of the condition of each turbocharger element before and after the repair.
    Parameters Geomet-2000
    Required pneumatic system pressure, MPa 0,6 – 0,8
    Maximum vacuum pump capacity, m3/h 180
    Dimensions (lengh x width x height), mm 1190 х 520 х 1730
    Machine weight, kg (approx) 250
    Power Supply Parameters 220V ± 10%, 1 Ph, 50Hz ± 1
    Power consumption, no more than, kW 1,5
    Software Turbo Test
    Foundation requirement The machine is installed on an ordinary hard floor in the workshop

    GEOMET-2000 VNT flowbench in assembly for tuning the variable geometry of turbines – 1 pc.

    Set of adapters for installation of turbines – 1 set.

    Digital indicator for measuring the rod stroke – 1 set.

    Operation manual – 1 pc.



    High universality

    Service in the EU

    Short time measurement

    Low-cost maintenance

    Reliable and productive

    Quick payback time



    • Vertical turbocharger position and free working area – comfortable and efficient operation with all types of turbochargers;
    • No oil system – easy maintenance and cost saving;
    • Simple design of adapters – possibility of independent expansion of the nomenclature and adaptation of the stand to the market of your region;
    • Adjustable stop lock and large pipe height for turbocharger installation – possibility to work with large-sized or non-standard turbocharger designs;

    Software features:

    • Construction of charts:
      • “control mechanism blades opening”;
      • “air flow rate/vacuum discharge”;
      • “N75 valve check”.
    • “Actuator spring slack check” gives an indication of the state of the actuator;
    • “Self-diagnostics” determines the incorrectly working element in time, reducing the stand’s downtime for repair;
    • “Report creation and printing” excludes the appearance of disputable questions from the customers related to the quality of adjustment.
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