Turbocharger test bench TURBO-SHOP

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    Turbocharger test bench TURBO-SHOP

    TURBO-SHOP is the result of many years of experience, embodied in a unique hybrid design that allows to solve complex problems associated with repair and diagnosis of turbochargers of various designs and sizes for small workshops and start-ups.

    As a rule, there are several problems at the “start”: firstly, limited working space, secondly, the lack of available resources for the purchase of a large fleet of repair equipment, and thirdly, the lack of opportunities to cover a large sector of the service market.

    TURBO-SHOP test bench solves all these problems as it is a combination of modern technologies – it is a multitasking special equipment that takes up less space than your workplace, allowing you to diagnose and repair 85% of common models of turbochargers.

    Benefits for your business

    • Payback time is less than a year.
    • Thanks to the stand’s three-level filtration system, you can correct imbalances without the risk of chips getting into the cartridge housing without removing it from the stand, saving you a lot of set-up time. In addition, a good filtration system extends the oil change period, reducing your maintenance costs.
    • Inexpensive semi-synthetic oil grades can be used to operate the hydraulic system, which makes maintenance costs very low.
    • Calibration of the equipment does not require the presence of third-party specialists and is performed within a minute by the stand operator, that is, you do not depend on anyone, save money for the service, your equipment and process works without downtime, so there are no alternative losses. Also do not forget that the stand is always calibrated, which means that errors affecting the quality of work performed are excluded, i.e. the appearance of defects and complaints are minimized.
    • The stand is made of high quality available components, i.e. even after 10 years you will not have problems with major repairs.
    • Auto-test function of the stand systems allows you to detect deviations in the operation of the equipment and localize the malfunction in time, that is, repair does not require the call of a specialist, you save resources and do not waste time.
    • When buying the stand you are given more than 3500 test-plans of branded turbochargers and their analogs, that is, from the first day you have the opportunity to work with the world’s largest database without wasting time searching for information, earning money. In addition, you have the opportunity to increase your database independently updating it.
    • The peculiarity of the design of the mounting systems of the actuator modules allows you to work with any type of turbocharger (even with the lower oil supply), and the equipment is designed so that you can refine it yourself if necessary or make a new one, that is, you can work with new varieties of turbochargers expanding your capabilities.

    VNT flow calibration

    Parameters Value
    Required pneumatic system pressure, MPa 0,6 – 0,8
    Maximum vacuum pump capacity, m3/h 180
    Turbocharger database 6200
    Software Turbo Test

    Oil leak

    Parameters Value
    Required pneumatic system pressure, MPa 0,6 – 0,8
    Maximum achievable rotor speed, rpm 5 000
    Rated operating pressure of the lubrication system, MPa 0,5
    Oil tank volume, l 6


    Parameters Value
    Dimensions (lengh x width x height), mm 1190 х 520 х 1730
    Machine weight, kg (approx) 250
    Power Supply Parameters 220V ± 10%, 1 Ph, 50Hz ± 1
    Power consumption, no more than, kW 1,5
    Foundation requirement The machine is installed on an ordinary hard floor in the workshop

    TURBO-SHOP VNT flowbench in assembly for tuning the variable geometry of turbochargers – 1 pc.

    Set of adapters for installation of turbochargers – 1 set.

    Digital indicator for measuring the rod stroke – 1 set.

    Adapter kit for installation of all types of turbochargers, including turbochargers with a lower oil supply – 1 set

    Operation manual – 1 pc.



    High universality

    Service in the EU

    Short time measurement

    Low-cost maintenance

    Reliable and productive

    Quick payback time


    Your possibilities after purchasing the stand

    Quality diagnostics

    • Check of pneumatic and vacuum type actuators (when connected to the ATP-1000 tester stand, additional check of electronically controlled turbine drive, diagnostics of electronic actuator and its servomotor);
    • Determination of actuator spring wear degree;
    • Analysis of the condition of pneumatic and vacuum solenoids being a part of turbocharging systems.
    • Determination of the condition of the control valve of the turbocharger system N75;
    • Checking the condition of the geometry of the variable turbine (VNT);
    • Determining the vibration level of the assembled cartridge;
    • Finding the source of vibration by harmonic analysis


    • Elimination of technological unbalance of cartridges of trucks, cars and special vehicles after assembly.
    • Quadrupling (from factory tolerance) the residual unbalance of factory cartridges to reduce complaints and improve turbine life and reliability.
    • Display of balancing information in “real time” allows to solve conflicts with customers and simplifies the analysis of factors affecting the quality of balancing.

    Geometry tuning

    • Allows to replace worn actuators with analogs, fully restoring the factory settings of the turbocharger.
    • Adjustment on the stand will eliminate the need to “race” the car around the city and climb under the hood at the risk of getting burned hands, in addition, it reduces the repair time threefold.
    • Adjusting the range of motion of the nozzle blades is easy even for a beginner thanks to the intuitive software interface and convenient location of the turbocharger on the stand.
    • Adjustment of the nozzle actuation torque by graph analysis allows to solve the problem of turbocharger overblowing or underblowing in less than a minute.
    • Monitoring of parameters during the adjustment process gives a complete picture of the condition of the turbocharger after the repair.

    Turbocompressor tests

    • The design features of the stand’s hydraulic power plant allow you to create a heated oil pressure (which is fed into the cartridge to protect the parts from overheating) similar to the operating pressure.
    • Running-in and checking the quality of the cartridge assembly at safe speeds to reduce your production risks;
    • The vibration level is checked at turbocharger shaft speeds of 10,000 – 20,000 rpm. This check ensures that the turbocharger has been rebuilt properly and that there are no hidden defects such as micro cracks in the parts.
    • Checking the cartridge for oil leakage after assembly.
    • Analysis of performance and correctness of turbocharger operation after rebuilding or its modernization.
    • The possibility of printing out reports on the performed adjustment and balancing guarantees the absence of unjustified claims about the quality of repair and will reassure any skeptic.
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