Turbocharger testing bench TURBO-BOOST-TEST

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    Professional turbo boost calibration

    The bench is used to check the boost characteristics after a repair of a turbocharger with or without vacuum or electronic control. On the bench it is possible to adjust the geometry of the turbine in dynamic mode, when the shaft is rotating. The N75 valve check function helps find faults in the control of the turbocharger on the vehicle. Engine repair shops can use this bench for a comprehensive evaluation of the turbocharger’s performance before installing it on an engine. The test bench can be used in turbine tuning and revamping, in the manufacture of hybrid turbines, to check changes in turbine performance after tuning.

    Bench capabilities:

    • Real-time supercharger testing;
    • Real-time geometry tuning;
    • Checking the performance of actuators: vacuum, pneumatic and electric types;
    • Diagnostics of servo drives of electric actuators (optional);
    • Checking the correctness of operation of the control valve N75;
    • Checking the turbocharger for oil leaks after assembly;
    • Checking the turbine according to the manufacturer’s test plan;
    • Calculation of turbocharger performance;
    • Plotting supercharger inlet and turbocharger outlet boost vs. flow rate;
    • Construction of the resulting graph;
    • Creation and printing of test reports.

    Advantages of the test bench:

    • No risks for the turbocharger
      The pneumatic system of the stand is equipped with an air filter and the hydraulic system has a triple degree of oil purification. This eliminates the possibility of dirt and foreign objects entering the turbine, thus ensuring the safety of the turbocharger during testing.
    • Ergonomics
      The spacious working area allows you to work comfortably with turbochargers of any design.
      The touch screen and intuitive software interface allow you to quickly learn how to operate the bench.
    • Versatility
      The universal design of the stand allows working with turbochargers of trucks and cars with engine displacement not exceeding 3 liters.
    Parameters TURBO BOOST TEST
    The largest mass of a balanced turbocharger, kg 9
    The maximum diameter of the compressor wheel, mm 80
    Maximum achievable rotor speed, rpm 50 000
    Required pressure to the pneumatic system, MPa 0,8 – 1,0
    Maximum productivity of the vacuum pump, m3 180
    Overall dimensions of the machine (length x width x height), mm 780 х 1120 х 1274
    Machine weight, kg (approximately) 285
    Power supply parameters 380V ± 10%, 3 Ph, 50Hz ± 1

    The equipment supplied with the machine allows you to install almost the entire range of turbines from modern manufacturers.


    High universality

    Service in the EU

    Short time measurement

    Low-cost maintenance

    Reliable and productive

    Quick payback time



    The equipment is equipped with special software, which has complex algorithms of calculations and allows to clearly determine the turbocharger performance after testing. All operations performed on the stand are displayed in graphical and digital format for easy perception of information.

    In “real time” mode, you can see on the computer screen how the indicator shifts when adjusting the stop. Therefore, the bench operator needs no more than 20 seconds to set the turbocharger geometry stop.

    Turbo-boost test
    Turbo-boost test

    During the test, graphs are automatically plotted to show the supercharger inlet and turbocharger outlet flow relationships. This allows you to perform a high-quality diagnosis of the turbine, accurately determining the condition of the individual components. The graph built in the process of testing is easy to analyze, because the screen besides the actual graph also shows the reference graph (test-plan graph), and in case of two or more starts the graph of the previous start is shown with a dotted line, which gives a clear understanding of the current state of the turbocharger.

    The test bench database has more than 2000 test plans and can be expanded by the test bench operator if necessary. This allows to work with almost all common turbochargers and their analogs.

    The stand is adapted for joint work with the ATP-1000 device, which allows diagnostics of turbines with electronic actuator, besides, using ATP-1000, it is possible to separately test the servo-motor of the electric actuator.

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