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    “Geomet-500” is a bench for adjustment of turbochargers with variable geometry: fast-payback equipment that allows to effectively restore turbocharger settings to factory standards after cartridge or actuator replacement. The equipment reduces turbine tuning time and improves the quality of repairs, creating a comfortable and safe working environment. On the stand it is easy to adjust the extreme position of the blades of the nozzle apparatus, thus getting rid of the effect of “foreblow” or “underblow”, detrimental to the performance of the car. In addition, it is possible to adjust the length of the actuator rod to set the moment of operation of the air flow control mechanism.

    • Modest price and high performance;
    • High efficiency – set-up cycle takes less than 5 minutes;
    • No oil system – no monthly maintenance costs;
    • Own compressor – autonomy of equipment and reliability of measurements;
    • Open working area – work with any (even oversized) turbochargers;
    • Vertical installation – easy access to the turbine during adjustment;
    • Sophisticated mounting system – magnetic adapter reduces turbine installation to 10 sec. and the process shoulder allows operation with non-magnetic housings;
    • High versatility – work with vacuum, pneumatic drives;
      Diagnostics of electrically driven turbines – the diagnostic function is available when the stand is used together with the ATP-1000 or ATP-3000 actuator tester;
    • N75 valve diagnostics – simplifies analysis of vehicle turbo system failures;
    • Calibration by the stand operator – high accuracy of measurements without spending resources on calling specialists.
    • The bench is calibrated in 10 seconds;
    • Air filtration system – ensures turbocharger safety;
    • Affordable quality components – quick repair, no unplanned component costs.
    • Complete set of adapters – all adapters required for operation are included. The design of the adapters allows you to make them yourself if necessary.
    Parameters Geomet-500
    Required pneumatic system pressure, MPa 0,6 – 0,8
    Maximum vacuum pump capacity, m3/h 180
    Dimensions (lengh x width x height), mm 1190 х 520 х 1730
    Machine weight, kg (approx) 250
    Power Supply Parameters 220V ± 10%, 1 Ph, 50Hz ± 1
    Power consumption, no more than, kW 1,5
    Software Geomet – 500
    Foundation requirement The stand is mounted on
    on a normal hard floor in
    the works hop
    Internet connection Required


    High universality

    Service in the EU

    Short time measurement

    Low-cost maintenance

    Reliable and productive

    Quick payback time


    The bench can easily adjust the extreme positions of the geometry mechanism to eliminate both under- and over-boosting of the turbocharger. It is also possible to adjust the length of the actuator stem. The test bench has simple and easy to understand controls, which allows for quick training. The operator installs and connects the turbocharger to the stand. The operator then enters the turbocharger number in the search window (the number is stamped on the turbocharger nameplate), starts the vortex compressor and adjusts the air flow rate through the turbine according to the value in the database. During the adjustment process, the air flow is not interrupted and the operator observes the change in flow rate as the turbine adjusting screw is turned.

    Turbocharger VNT Flowbench Geomet-500
    Turbocharger VNT Flowbench Geomet-500

    Software features:

    The stand is equipped with software adapted to work with Android and Windows10 devices. The user is provided with a turbine database from the manufacturer’s cloud storage. It is also possible to create your own user database, which will be used simultaneously with the manufacturer’s database. The manufacturer’s database contains information on 6100 turbine numbers. Today it is the largest database in the world, which is provided for use by equipment manufacturers. The database is regularly updated.

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