Electronic actuator tester ATP-5000

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    The ATP-5000 tester is designed for diagnostics of 24/12V car and truck turbocharger actuators. It supports testing of actuators of most manufacturers, programming of HELLA and SIEMENS actuators and calibration of HOLSET actuators.

    The tester is used when calibrating variable turbocharger geometry on GEOMET stands.

    The ATP-5000 tester can be successfully used in turbocharger repair services, as well as in automotive workshops when reinstalling or replacing the actuator on a turbocharger.

    Diagnostics of passenger car actuators


    • Testing of electronic turbocharger drives;
    • Diagnosis of DC motors from 12 V to 2 A;
    • Verification of supercharger solenoids used in pneumatic systems;
    • Electronic and pneumatic actuator position sensors check according to protocol:
      • PWM
      • ADC
      • SENT


    • Programming (adaptation) of electronic HELLA REA actuators:
      • Saving the actuator firmware file in the instrument memory (up to 99 pcs.).
      • Saving the actuator firmware files on a PC (no restrictions).
      • Loading firmware from the PC into the actuator with the instrument. device.
      • It is possible to copy settings between between actuators.
    • Programming (adaptation) of electronic SIEMENS actuators ●New


    Truck actuator diagnostics

    Testing Function.

    Diagnostics of the operation of actuators of most manufacturers. It has a mode of manual or automatic setting of the actuator position. Manual in the range from 5% to 95%, automatic from 10% to 90%.

    To test actuators with 12 V supply voltage it is necessary to connect the cable through a 24/12V converter.

    Functions Reset, Instal, Calibrate

    Carrying out diagnostics of Holset actuators operation. This sequence of functions should be performed after installation (replacement) of the actuator on the turbocharger or after the need to correct the range of motion of the variable geometry.

    It allows correct mounting of the actuator to the turbine and setting the correct range of motion of the lever.

    Auxiliary functions

    • 2A current protection within 3sec.
    • Prompts you to match the cable label to the selected type of actuator ●New
    • Percentage display of position sensor readings. ●New
    • USB Actuator control in conjunction with GEOMET software

    For passenger cars

    • HELLA
    • MAHLE
    • DENSO
    • Torque Motor
    • BorgWarner
    • Honeywell

    For trucks

    • Holset
    • Holset US
    • Mitsubishi
    • Isuzu
    • Iveco
    • Hino (Mitsubishi)
    • Hino (Jideco)
    • John Deere (Delphi)
    • John Deere (BorgWarner)
    • Mercedes (BorgWarner)
    • Deutz-Fahr (BorgWarner)
    • JCB (BorgWarner)
    • New Holland (Jideco)
    • Tata

    Supplied with:

    • Electronic unit ATP-5000 – 1 PC.
    • A set of cables for diagnostics of drives – 12 pcs.
    • Set of cables for diagnostics of position sensors – 6 pcs.
    • Set of additional diagnostic cables for uncommon turbines – 12 pcs.
    • A set of cables for diagnostics of drives – 14 pcs.
    • 24/12V converter – 1 pc.
    • USB cable – 1 pc.
    • Instrument power supply:
      • standard power supply AC / DC 12V/24V, 4A.
      • cable for connection to the vehicle’s standard socket VTM_CONNECT (1) ● New

    (1) The basic delivery set is not included. You can purchase additionally if necessary.



    High universality

    Service in the EU

    Short time measurement

    Low-cost maintenance

    Reliable and productive

    Quick payback time

    Electronic actuator tester ATP-5000 examples of use:  

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