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    HYDRAULIC PRESS P1515K is designed for disassembly and assembly of hinges, pressing forks and spline pairs driveshaft pipe, removal and installation of the outboard bearing and the propeller shaft sliding flange, punching of propeller shaft forks crosses during repair and production.

    Due to interchangeable accessories the press can be used for assembling and disassembling various assemblies and parts as well as for technological operations such as bending, stitching of keys, installing bearings, stamping, straightening.

    Main specifications

    Parameters P1515K
    Maximum compressive force, kg 15,000
    Maximum cylinder stroke, mm 400
    Maximum workpiece height, mm 416
    Table dimensions, mm 900×384
    Hydraulic cylinder rod speed Set manually
    Oil tank volume, l 40
    Equipment overall dimensions, mm (L x W x H) 828 x 1237 x 2205
    Press weight, kg (approximately) 600

    Driveshaft assembly press P1515K 1


    Set of thrust forks for disassembling hinges 1


    Fork-27 1 PC.
    Fork-42 1 PC.
    Fork-48 1 PC.
    Fork-52-53 1 PC.
    Fork-57 1 PC.
    Fork-65-72 1 PC.
    Emphasis 1 PC.
    Lifter with guide to support the gimbal 1


    Manual 1 PCS.

    Additional equipment – OPTIONAL

    • Centering bracket for punching;
    • Cross punching punches

    diameters 19mm, 22mm, 24mm, 25mm, 27mm, 30mm, 31mm.

    The need for delivery and the volume are negotiated separately, the cost of the basic delivery set is not included, it is paid additionally.


    High universality

    Service in the EU

    Short time measurement

    Low-cost maintenance

    Reliable and productive

    Quick payback time


    On the faceplate of the driveshaft assembly press P1515K, the vertical head of the press is installed and fixed in the housing, corresponding to the diameter of the bearing fork, punch. A fork with a crosspiece mounted so as to plug the hole axis (and frog) coincides with the axis of the punch. Is set lower stop to maintain the crossing. The rotation of the wheel head of the press clockwise produce pressing. With the help of the press, the possibility of processing of cardan shafts and other products with parameters different from those shown above if it does not prevent the holding of the comfortable work. The press is designed to work in a repair shop, it does not require any special skills to operate and maintain.

    Manual press PRK-2
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