DPF Clean Master Stand

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    The stand for washing DPF filters allows you to perform high-quality cleaning of DPF filters and catalysts for all types of cars without mechanical intervention.

    The operating principle of the stand is based on the water hammer effect and the properties of turbulent fluid movement. In the cleaning process, special solutions and certain temperature conditions are met.

    Efficient design

    • Work surfaces and the body of the stand are not subject to corrosion since they are made of sheet stainless material.
    • Sophisticated stand design provides easy access to the working area and to all elements of the stand systems during maintenance or repair.
    • Well-lit work area allows you to visually control the workflow and improve the working conditions of the stand operator
    • Sealed chamber not only limits the area of distribution of technical fluids but also reduces the noise level to acceptable levels this makes work at the stand more comfortable and safe.
    • Fast DPF filter setting accessible thanks to a separate pneumatic system for connecting a universal quick-release adapter
    • Universal equipment allows you to install any DPF filter, regardless of the car brand.
    • Closed loop liquid filtration systemachieved thanks to coarse and fine filters. The filters are equipped with pressure gauges to determine the degree of their contamination.
    • Rationally selected tank volume allows you to provide:

    ○          Short heating time of the liquid

    ○          Long time between fluid changes

    Service and work

    • Short training time to work at the stand due to the simplicity of control, which is achieved due to the presence of an industrial computer with a touch screen and a well-thought-out interface of the stand program, which describes step by step instructions in each operation mode.
    • Easy maintenance and repair provided thanks to: the function of autodiagnostics of the systems that allows you to identify and eliminate the problem in time, and easily available high quality components.
    • Separate water cleaning system camera simplifies the process of cleaning the working area at the end of the work shift.


    High universality

    Service in the EU

    Fast working cycle

    Low-cost maintenance

    Easy to train any employee

    Quick payback time


    Gentle and efficient cleaning of the DPF filter ensures excellent results and avoids damage of your expensive filter. After cleaning, the working properties of the filter are restored by 97%.

    The high performance of the stand is reached due to the presence of combined operating modes such as:

    • Cleaning the filter by washing.
    • Removal of filter clogging by the method of controlled water hammer and the effect of liquid cavitation.

    The mode of accelerated drying of the DPF filter is provided due to the presence of a high-performance air blower with a heating element in the stand design


    • Automated process of DPF filter cleaning with the ability to program all operating modes of the stand gives you the opportunity  to debug the equipment on your own in order to increase the efficiency of processes or to work with the modes established by the manufacturer.
    • Full control of the filter cleaning and drying process provided by the implementing at the stand software specific graphs displaying the values of air or water pressure in real time. This allows you to rationally use the time by independently determining the stage at what stage of operation the machine is at.
    • Filter diagnostic function with printout report allows you to create reporting documentation before the start of cleaning (to control the degree of contamination) and after (to control the quality of the operation performed).


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