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    Precision and performance. VTM-78 universal joint shaft balancing machine

    Model VTM-78 is a special equipment for balancing 2-, 3- and 4-axis universal joint shafts. The machine is designed for industries that specialize in the production of driveshafts in series production. High performance and precision (5 g*mm / kg) equipment merits a unique design of the machine and the hardware-software complex PAK-4.

    The balancing machine includes four pre-resonance supports located on the monolithic frame. The outermost supports have spindle assemblies and pneumatic self-clamping chucks with guide pins for quick orientation of the driveshaft flanges during clamping. The rear spindle support can move along the entire bed, allowing the machine to be set up for different lengths of PTO shafts. For easy changeover, the rear spindle bearing has a movable quill and a weight compensation mechanism for its movement. The two intermediate supports can also be moved along the bed when the machine is set up. In addition, they feature a unique support table height adjustment mechanism for time-saving installation of outboard bearings.

    In addition to the vibration mounts, the machine bed is also equipped with pneumatic cylinder safety brackets. The protective brackets have two functions: They provide collective protection and serve as additional support for the PTO shaft during machine setup. One of the bracket’s pneumatic cylinders has a mounting prism and raises the PTO shaft to the desired height to secure the flange. The second pneumatic cylinder is a lock and limits the area for the gimbal during rotation, using its own rod.

    The machine is equipped with an unbalance correction module, which includes one or three (depending on customer preference) spot welding units for attachment of correction weights after unbalance detection. The welding unit can be moved along the machine bed to adapt to any driveshaft.

    The electrical equipment of the machine is located in a separate electrical cabinet. The electrical equipment includes a frequency converter, which provides smooth control of the machine’s electric drive and protection of the equipment. The electrical cabinet also includes a control panel and a hardware-software complex with an industrial computer. The computer has a touch screen for easy operation of the software and hardware complex, and the control panel, in addition to the machine controls, is equipped with signal lamps that clearly indicate the status of all systems of the equipment.

    • The monolithic design of the machine supports and bed eliminates vibration loss and ensures high quality measurements;
    • The design features of the clamping chuck, safety bracket and intermediate supports allow you to change the machine without wasting even 3 minutes;
    • The safety brackets and protective enclosure of the cabinet type ensure a high level of safety of the equipment;
    • Self-clamping pneumatic chuck design ensures rapid clamping of flanges with overall dimensions of up to 125 mm (chuck can be made to order for any flange size);
    • High maintainability of the machine due to the use of reliable available components during its construction.

    Advantages of the PAK-4 hardware and software complex:

    • Display of the position and unbalance magnitude of the four supports on one screen by means of a pie chart and a digital format allows the quick determination of the relative unbalance position in all correction planes.
    • Calibration of the machine by the operator takes 1 Min. and maintains high machine accuracy over the whole period of use without having to spend time and money on a technician’s visit to calibrate the machine;
    • Stored calibration results allow quick adjustment of the machine for different batches of driveshafts and eliminate the need for permanent calibration of the machine;
    • Automatic unbalance averaging is used to shorten measurement cycles and improve balance accuracy by combining multiple unbalance vectors into one unbalance vector;
    • Auto-diagnostics of machine systems tell you which machine components are malfunctioning and enable you to troubleshoot problems in advance, minimizing downtime for repairs;
    • The function of harmonic analysis of vibration and the ability to create and print reports on the results of the balancing allows you to organize the output quality control of manufacturing of a propeller shaft and control the quality of the balancing operation.
    Parameters VTM-78
    Machine type Hard-bearing
    Balancing rotors weight range, kg 5 … 150
    Maximum rotor diameter, mm 140
    Maximum flange diameter 250**
    Max. cardan shaft length 200 … 4200*
    Number of bearings 4
    Number of simultaneously measured planes 2, 3, 4
    Rotor rotation speed range, rpm 400 … 2500
    Minimal achievable residual specific unbalance, gmm/kg 5
    Machine weight, without foundation stand, kg No more than 1900
    Balancing protocols: printed on the laser printer connected to the PAK-4 via a USB port, recorded to a USB flash drive or transferred over an Ethernet channel. +
    Transmission type Belt
    Balancing system PAK-4
    Machine’s balancing system calibration calibration weights, 3 start-ups method


    • Protective staples with pneumatic drive – to prevent the shaft and its elements from ejecting when hinges or splines are broken;

    Spindle rotation engagement locks during their fixation and when pulling the welding pliers.

    The machine is equipped with: a sectional protective guard of the propshaft, to protect against a possible ejection, when the shaft rotates, poorly fixed correction weights, lubrication from bearings, etc.

    The safety shield is equipped with a spindle rotation engagement lock when the protection is not closed.


    High universality

    Service in the EU

    Short time measurement

    Low-cost maintenance

    Reliable and productive

    Quick payback time

    Design features of the machine


    • Drive shaft weight up to 150 kgs
    • Drive shaft length up to 4200 mm
    • 2-, 3- and 4-support shafts
    • Universal cam clamping accessories
    • Central bearing clamp by three methods


    • Design is job-proved and time-honoured
    • Dismountable, serviceable, maintainable
    • No additional expenses on maintenance and and calibration testing



    • Real time measuring
    • Measuring time is 25 seconds
    • Displays the angle and the load weights for all planes at once
    • Easy-to-learn, little theoretical knowledge is required



    • The most available and the most reliable in the market in this class
    • It is checked in own division on repair of driveshafts
    Driveshaft balancer VTM 74


    Digital system on the basis of the industrial fanless computer with the touch screen and the measuring block.

    Setup of the machine by 3 starts method with use of calibration weights on serial drive shafts with an initial unbalance.

    Calibration of the machine is made by the operator that allows reaching the maximum sensitivity of the machine, and avoids from a duty to pay services in calibration of the machine once a year.

    Automatic system of start-up measurement on reaching the adjusted rotation speed.

    • Simultaneous balancing in 4 planes, with a possibility of the 2, 3 – plane balancing
    • Information on the welding point and load weight is displayed for all planes at the same time.
    • The system shows angular position of the driveshaft in real time (the watching system).
    • The harmonic test of vibration sensors helps to carry out diagnostics of a mechanical part of cardan (to analyze separate components of vibration and their sources).
    • Printing of reports on the carried-out rotor balancing.
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