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    VTM-72 double-strut cardan balancing machine

    The VTM-72 specializes in balancing two propshafts and is designed for use in railroad repair depots. However, it is also capable of handling other types of universal joint shafts up to 80 kg in weight and length up to 1600 mm.

    The machine has an accuracy of 10 g/kg, which makes it possible to balance driveshafts for heavy special equipment and industry. Thanks to this feature it is very popular in various production sectors. The versatility of the equipment makes it possible to work with a variety of products, which makes it in demand in repair services and workshops. High productivity allows to work with serial parts, which is especially useful for producers of special equipment and units, such as cardan shafts.

    The equipment includes resonance-type vibration mounts with vibration sensors and spindle assemblies, as well as frames and a set of protective brackets. The rear support can move relative to the bed to work with gimbals of different lengths. The machine is controlled by a control panel, which is part of a separate control cabinet. The cabinet also contains a frequency converter for stepless speed control of the motor and optimal speed setting to bypass “resonance frequencies” that can affect the quality of balancing.

    Unbalance detection is performed by converting the vibrations of the supports into a digital signal by means of vibration sensors and reading the speed of the driveshaft by a photoresistive speed sensor, which converts it into electronic pulses. Signals from the sensors go to the computing unit of the balancing system and are displayed on the screen of the microprocessor balancing device located on the control panel in a convenient form for the operator’s perception.

    The machine works on the basis of balancing system PB-02M. It has long proven itself as a reliable system for production environment. Some machines equipped with this balancing system are over 20 years old, and they continue to operate without failure. Although the PB-02M balancing system was developed quite a long time ago, it is up-to-date due to the introduction of new functions facilitating the work with the machine.

    • The machine is operated by one person thanks to the spindle lock and safety brackets, which limit the rotation of the tooling and provide additional support when installing the gimbal;
    • Patented “EASY CLAMP” adapter design ensures quick changeover of the machine (fixation of the flange in 10 seconds);
    • The resonant supports enable a clear demonstration of the balancing quality using only human tactile sensations;
    • Electric motor with a large power reserve guarantees trouble-free operation of the machine’s electric drive for many years;

    Functions and features of the PB-02M balancing system:

    • Calculation of the “maximum allowable imbalance” and “reference” weight will eliminate the need to do mathematical calculations;
    • Vector based averaging improves the balance accuracy and reduces the measuring cycle;
    • Graphical and numerical information display makes it easy for anyone to analyze and work;
    • Balance history allows a quick assessment of the balance progress by returning to the previous measurement results;
    • Display of acceptable imbalance allows you to instantly understand whether the imbalance of the balanced cardan is in the acceptable limits;
    • Intuitive interface with tips for beginners to quickly learn how to operate the machine and eliminate the possibility of committing errors.
    • The machine is easy to maintain and has a high repairability thanks to its design and availability of components used in the market, besides its parts are unified and used in different models of machines that is why we always have them in stock.
    Parameters BVI-03-72
    Balancing rotors weight range, kg 3-80
    Maximum rotor diameter, mm 200
    Maximum flange diameter, mm 200
    Maximum cardan shaft length, mm 1600
    Support type Soft-bearing
    Number of simultaneously measured planes 2
    Accuracy, gmm/kg 1,0
    Rotor rotation speed range, rpm 400-2500
    Drive type Asynchronous variable-frequency electric drive
    Electric motor power, kW 1,5
    Equipment PB-02M


    High universality

    Service in the EU

    Short time measurement

    Low-cost maintenance

    Reliable and productive

    Quick payback time

    Design features of the machine


    • Drive shaft weight up to 80 kgs
    • Drive shaft length up to 1600 mm
    • 2-support shafts
    • Universal cam clamping accessories
    • Central bearing clamp by three methods           



    • Real time measuring
    • Measuring time is 25 seconds
    • Displays the angle and the load weights for all planes  at once
    • Easy-to-learn, little theoretical knowledge is required

    • Design is job-proved and  time-honoured
    • Dismountable, serviceable, maintainable
    • No additional expenses on maintenance and and calibration testing
    • The most available and the most reliable in the market in this class
    • It is checked in own division on repair of driveshafts


     The Most  simple and reliable – it combines well-thought-out of functionality and adaptability to any work conditions.

    Designed and manufactured specifically for use with balancing machines of most existing designs.

    Simplicity of adjustment and work with the device do not demand special theoretical knowledge, which allows to master work on any balancing machine in the shortest terms.

    Work algorithm of the device allows to configure the machine on a series of rotors with real initial unbalances, which eliminates the need to manufacture reference rotors and loss of time for conditional balancing.

    Previously balanced rotors settings stored in the memory reduce the machine readjustment time, and storing the results of up to 100 last measurements allows analyzing and controlling the balancing process.


    Accuracy specifications of machines equipped with PB-02M meet the requirements of GOST 20076-2007 and ISO 2953-99.

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