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    UP TO 1000 KG

    Balancing Machine 97VK1000: Enhancing Efficiency of Maintenance Works on Industrial Universal Joint Shafts

    Balancing Machine 97VK1000 is a technically advanced solution designed specifically for engineers working at service and repair enterprises. Its primary purpose is to ensure precision and speed in the process of balancing industrial drive shafts.

    Defining Initial Imbalance: At the heart of this machine is its ability to balance shafts weighing up to 1000 kg with significant initial imbalances. Thanks to its rigid construction, the 97VK1000 handles this task efficiently and flawlessly.

    Versatility and Flexibility: One of the key advantages of this machine is its universal design and tooling. It allows workers to balance cardan shafts of various shapes and sizes, with a length of up to 4000 mm and a flange diameter of up to 400 mm. This means that the 97VK1000 can be applied in almost any situation, making it an indispensable tool on production lines.

    Short Imbalance Measurement Cycle: Balancing shafts using the 97VK1000 is not only accurate but also time-efficient. The short imbalance measurement cycle enables quick equipment adjustment, reducing downtime and increasing overall enterprise productivity.

    Technical Specifications: The 97VK1000 has the following technical parameters: cardan weight from 50 to 1000 kg, cardan length up to 4000 mm, and flange diameter up to 400 mm. These specifications make it an ideal choice for a wide range of industrial tasks.

    Advanced Technology: The machine is equipped with an asynchronous frequency-controlled electric drive, allowing frequency adjustment without stopping the motor. This provides maximum flexibility and accuracy in adjusting the balancing process, significantly improving the quality of industrial equipment maintenance.

    Convenience and Safety: The 97VK1000 machine is mounted on a standard workshop floor with a thickness of at least 250-300 mm, with subsequent anchoring to it. The presence of two screw jacks makes working on the machine convenient and safe for personnel, reducing the time for installing the balanced shaft into the machine adapters and ensuring stability during operation.

    Balancing Machine 97VK1000 is a reliable partner for professionals working in the field of service and repair of industrial drive shafts. Its advanced technologies, high performance, and user-friendly design make it an indispensable tool in any manufacturing enterprise.


    • Rigidly supported design – balancing shafts with large initial unbalances.
    • The shaft is mounted on the machine via an adapter plate. The machine can be equipped with plates for all flanges.
    • Flanges of any shape and with any hole pattern can be mounted on the faceplate.
    • The minimal error of mounting the faceplate on the machine spindle via the tapered connection ensures high precision and minimal impact on the result.
    • The left spindle support is stationary and driven. It is locked against rotation when the flange is bolted to the faceplate.
    • The right spindle support moves along the bed to the desired length of the shaft, and the spindle itself has a movable quill for easy installation and clamping of the flange.
    • The presence of two screw jacks makes convenient and safe work on the machine for the personnel and significantly facilitates the work and reduces the time for installation of the balanced shaft into the machine adapters.
    • The machine can be mounted on a normal shop floor not less than 250-300mm thick, with subsequent fastening to it.
    • The asynchronous frequency-controlled electric drive allows to perform stepless speed control without stopping the electric motor, selection of optimal modes for balancing, as well as to perform rotor rotation.
    Parameters 97VK1000
    Machine type HARD-bearing
    Rotor weight range, kg 50 … 1000
    Maximum cardan shaft diameter, mm 300
    Maximum cardan shaft length, mm 2500*
    Number of bearings 2
    Number of simultaneously measured planes 1, 2
    Rotor rotation speed range, rpm 400 … 1000
    Minimum achievable residual specific unbalance, gmm/kg 10
    Machine weight, kg 985
    Mains current type ~ 3-phase
    Current frequency, Hz 50 ± 1
    Voltage, V 380 ± 10%
    Rotary drive electric motor power, not less than, kW 11,0
    Balancing system PAK-1


    High universality

    Service in the EU

    Short time measurement

    Low-cost maintenance

    Reliable and productive

    Quick payback time



    • Reports making and printing on conducted balancing.
    • USB port for printer connection, USB flash memory, port for connecting to local network and Ethernet network.

    *You can change measuring software to PB-02M in order to save money with balancing system


    • Digital system is based on an industrial fanless computer with a touch screen and a measuring unit.
    • Setting up of the machine is performed by the 3 start-ups method with the use of calibration weights on the serial.
    • Calibration of the machine is made by the operator that allows to get the maximum sensitivity of the machine, and indemnify against annual payment for services in calibration of the machine.
    • Value calculation of permissible imbalances in the absence of technical documentation for the balancing product.
    • Value calculation of mass and correction weight are required for simplicity process to set up the machine at the new rotor.
    • Real time display: any defect of a rotor or hindrance it is visible immediately as oscillation of measurement result.
    • View of unbalance value in grams, gmm, gsm, gmm / kg, D, optionally.
    • Taking into account the eccentricity of the balancing mandrel.
    • Unbalance spread on n-planes of correction
    • Possibility of correcting weights break-down into structurally conditioned anchoring points (blades, blades, grooves).
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