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    9718K machine for balancing wheel pairs of railway vehicles.

    The balancing machine model 9718K is a special equipment whose task is to balance wheel pairs of railway trains with a weight of up to 3000 kg. The machine can be used for balancing wheel pairs of freight and passenger locomotives.

    The machine was designed for the repair shops of railway depots, but the modularity of the equipment design and high performance allow using the machine of this model and for the production of wheelsets in small series productions. This special equipment can be easily adapted to work as a part of production lines and complexes.


    The 9718K machine can perform the following functions:

    • Dynamic two-plane balancing of wheelsets;
    • Balancing of wheelsets together with a gearbox (optional);
    • Quality control of wheelset manufacturing and assembly;
    • Quality control of wheelset balancing;
    • Control of radial and axial run-out of wheels (option).


    The machine consists of two vibratory supports with “pendulum” hangers and roller self-aligning blocks. The machine has a monolithic bed on which the supports can move during changeover. There is also an axial drive in the form of a tailstock in which the electric drive and the machine’s electrical equipment are mounted. The machine and the hardware-software complex PAK-WD are controlled from the retractable control panel, in which an industrial computer with a touch screen and a computing unit of the balancing system are also installed.

    Transfer of rotation from the electric drive to the wheelset is carried out by means of a cardan gear which is connected to the wheelset neck using an adapter. The electric drive has a smooth adjustment of the rotation speed thanks to a frequency converter.

    Machine can be optionally completed with such modules as jack, gearbox fixing bracket, run-out control module and unbalance correction module. If required, the machine can also be supplied with a cabinet guard.

    • The machine has the ability to be reconfigured for any type of wheelsets, which extends its functionality;
    • The equipment can be equipped with jacks for shock-free installation of the wheelset. This will help to save machine components, ensuring high balancing accuracy for many years and wheelset surfaces for correct installation of axlebox bearings. The jacks are also equipped with catches, which allows you to instantly center the wheelset when installing it;
    • If you equip the machine with the gearbox mounting bracket you can easily balance the wheelsets together with the gearbox without having to disassemble and reassemble the wheelset;
    • Installation of the unbalance correction module will allow to correct unbalance of the wheelset without removing it from the machine, saving time on the installation / removal of the product from the machine, as well as without distracting other professionals from their processes;
    • The module for measuring radial and axial run-out of the wheelset allows you to sort out the wheelsets that do not meet the quality requirements of manufacturing;

    Advantages of the hardware-software complex PAK-WD:

    • Intuitive interface displays unbalance magnitude and angular position in “real time” in two planes simultaneously on one screen. It also provides prompting when the unbalance tolerance is reached, providing comfortable operation for people of all skill levels;
    • Machine calibration takes one minute and is done by the machine operator, which ensures high accuracy at all times and saves time and money in calling out technicians;
    • Measurements can even be run at low speeds (200-400 rpm), for safe operation of the machine operator and the people around him;
    • The ability to save and print balancing reports allows you to organize control with full reporting.

    Main Specifications

    Parameters 9718K
    Balancing rotors weight range, kg (min-max) 800 – 3000
    Permissible range of wheel diameters, mm 700 – 1350
    Permissible width of the wheelset in relation to the railway axle, mm 2000 – 2300
    Distance between the inner surfaces of the wheels, mm 1300 – 1600
    Rotor bearing journals diameter, mm 50 – 200
    Rotor speed range, rpm (min-max) 200 – 600
    Minimal achievable residual specific unbalance, gmm/kg not more than 1.0
    Drive type Axial
    Support type Rollers
    Rotary drive electric motor power, no less than, kW 15
    Balancing system PAK


    Option of orienting the wheelset in the angular position to the elimination point for each plane automatically at the push of a button by the operator.

    For balancing wheelsets with a reducer in the middle of the axis on, there is a jack supporting the reducer housing, and allowing to carry out balancing without disassembling the reducer housing.

    Machine’s working area protective guard.



    High universality

    Service in the EU

    Short time measurement

    Low-cost maintenance

    Reliable and productive

    Quick payback time

    Design features of the machine

    Balancing is carried out when locomotive wheelsets are installed by inner rings of roller bearings, or by centering plugs of roller bearings, on the roller bearings of the machine.

    Machine’s wishbone suspension with bearing hinges and low self resonance frequency guarantees high accuracy of balancing.

    Rotation of the wheelset during balancing is performed by a cardan axial drive.

    Asynchronous variable-frequency electric drive allows to perform infinitely variable speed control without stopping the motor, choosing the optimal modes for balancing.


    Self-aligning supports with cylindrical reinforced rollers exclude the possibility of traces of “rolling” on the mounting (bearing) necks of the rotor with low hardness and large mass.

    Jacks for smooth installation and removal of the wheelset from the supports ensure the protection of the machine’s mechanisms from impacts, create convenience and safety in process of work.

    Balancing machine for locomotive wheelsets
    Balancing machine for locomotive wheelsets
    Balancing machine for locomotive wheelsets
    Balancing machine for locomotive wheelsets


    Digital system is based on an industrial fanless computer with a touch screen and a measuring unit.

    Set-up mode by “triple start-ups” method with the use of calibration weights on the serial rotors with initial unbalance.

    Calibration of the machine is made by the operator enabling to reach the maximum sensitivity of the machine, thus exempting from the duty to pay annual calibration fees.

    The system provides measurement of the imbalance in the polar coordinate system in two planes with the display of the magnitude and angle of imbalance, both relative to the axis passing through the geometric centers of the wheels, and relative to the axis of rotation of the wheelset.

    • Calculation of the balance tolerance values in default of technical documentation for the balancing product.
    • Value calculation of the correction test weights to simplify the tuning process for the balancing rotor.
    • Real-time balancing display, i.e. if there is any defect or a hindrance of a rotor, it’s visible immediately as fluctuation in measurement result.
    • View of unbalance value in grams, gmm, gsm, gmm / kg optionally.
    • Taking into account the eccentricity of the balancing mandrel.


    • Unbalance distribution on n-planes correction
    • Calculation of hole depth for correction of unbalance.
    • Possibility of decomposition of correcting weights into structurally conditioned anchoring points (blades, fans, slots).
    • Rotor balancing report creating and printing.
    • USB port for printer connection, USB-flash memory, port for connecting to local network and Ethernet network.
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