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    Stand for cleaning of particulate filters and catalytic converters model “Poseidon-1000”

    Poseidon-1000 is a special equipment whose task is to clean particulate filters (DPF, FAP, GPF, SCR) and catalytic converters of cars and trucks. The bench carries out forced cleaning of the filters, using the “cavitation” effect of the fluid and properties of chemical reagents used in the work. No mechanical effect on the delicate ceramic filter core is produced during cleaning, the filter’s integrity is preserved.


    The bench allows you to perform the following operations:

    • Control the degree of contamination of the filter;
    • Pre-washing of the filter from soot particles;
    • Hydrodynamic cleaning of the filter to remove soot and particulate impurities;
    • Throughput control of the filter;
    • Forced removal of moisture from the filter;
    • Printout of the filter throughput test results.

    The equipment consists of a stainless steel housing inside which there is a powerful air compressor with an industrial heater, a powerful pump and a volumetric tank also equipped with heaters. The booth is controlled from the control panel which is a part of a separate electric cabinet. In addition, the control cabinet contains an industrial computer with a touch screen and a microprocessor control unit which supports the operation of the software.

    The high degree of versatility of the control cabinet is due to the wide variety of accessories used. Various adapters and adaptors enable operation with any type of particulate filters and catalysts.

    The bench has a closed hydraulic system equipped with coarse and fine filters which allow prolonging the periods of tank fluid replacement. The filters are equipped with pressure gauges to control the degree of contamination.

    • Hydrodynamic cleaning combined with chemical action cleans the filter by 97%, returning it to its factory specifications;
    • Filter throughput diagnostics allow for upstream and downstream inspection;
    • A sealed chamber prevents the distribution of the technical liquid outside the working area and also reduces the noise level to acceptable values, which allows you to install this equipment in any room without disturbing the work of other people;
    • The design of the simulator provides free access not only to the working area, but also to all units and systems of the machine during service and repair which makes the work with the simulator easy and comfortable for any person;
    • Signal lamps on the control panel allow instantly identifying the state of the bench systems and responding promptly to the need for human intervention;
    • Cleaning of the bench is automatic, which allows you to organize a multi-stage service, especially since no special skills are required to operate the bench;
    • Rationally chosen volume of the tank allowed to find a compromise between the duration of the cycle of replacement of the working liquid and the time of heating of the liquid in the tank;
    • Good local illumination of the bench allows you to qualitatively perform an assessment of the filter condition and the degree of cleaning even in a poorly lit place;
    • High reliability and maintainability of the bench is stipulated by the use of quality components, easily available in its manufacture;
    • The possibility to print reports on the performed cleaning allows excluding the disputable questions with the clients and provides the full control over this process. Besides, the booth has a function of log reports where all the performed orders are displayed.
    Parameters POSEIDON-1000
    Inner chamber dimensions 1700 x 1000 x 1000 mm
    Tank Capacity 220 liters
    Working pneumatic pressure 6 bar
    Pump capacity up to 200 l/min
    Filtration of liquid 3 levels
    30 – 200 microns
    Liquid temperature 40 °C – 90 °C
    Recommended working temperature 60 °C
    Drying temperature 80 °C – 130 °C
    Recommended drying temperature 100 °C
    Air system performance Up to 290 m³/h
    Maximum pressure Up to 330 mbar
    Sensors for liquid level and temperature
    Parameters of the power network 380 V ± 10%, 3 Ph, 50 Hz ± 1
    Maximum power 22 kW
    Stand dimensions 1700 x 1000 x 1970 mm
    Advanced DPF cleaning machine
    4-pin universal adapter 1 set.
    Expanding pneumatic adapter with a set of silicone inserts 1 set.
    Closed case for washing of large dismantled particulate filters EURO-5 1 set.
    Pump for washing the booth chamber 1 set.
    Consumables starter pack:

    • set of filters – 2 pcs.
    • washing liquid – 2 l.
    1 set.
    Metal hose with stainless steel braid. L – 1.5 m. 1 pc.
    Rubber hose. L – 1.5 m. 1 pc.
    Rubber hose. L – 0.8 m. 1 pc.
    Operation manual of the test bench with the circuit diagram (in English) 1 pc.



    High universality

    Service in the EU

    Fast working cycle

    Low-cost maintenance

    Easy to train any employee

    Quick payback time

    Design features :

    • The working chamber is made of stainless steel – no wear due to corrosion;
    • System of connection to drains – helps to prolong the cycle of fluid replacement and filter maintenance;
    • Pneumatic adapter – instant connection of the particulate filter to the bench hydraulic system;
    • Volumetric chamber and universal adapters, including tooling to connect particulate filters of trucks – servicing of particulate filters of all sizes and manufacturers ;
    • A powerful compressor and an air heater allow to remove moisture from the filter in a few minutes, thereby increasing the capacity of the filter cleaning area.
    DPF Cleaning Machine Poseidon-1000
    DPF Cleaning Machine Poseidon-1000


    • The possibility of independent adjustment of the bench operation modes allows to optimize the equipment operation for any filter;

    • Standard cleaning programs allow even an inexperienced person to work on the bench;

    • Graphic display of cleaning process parameters in “real time” mode allows evaluating filter condition and stopping the process when desired results are achieved, reducing the cleaning cycle;

    • Auto diagnostics promptly detects booth malfunctions reducing downtime for repairs;

    • Intuitive interface reduces the time of mastering the bench and makes the work comfortable.


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