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DPF Cleaning Machine Poseidon-1000

With us any car service can earn money by washing particulate filters(DPF) and catalytic converters

We produce professional equipment for regeneration of particulate filters and DPF catalysts of passenger and commercial vehicles. Minimal resources and time to open your own service for cleaning particulate filters. Payback period of your business will be 2-3 times shorter with our equipment.

Become first in your city! Make money by cleaning particulate filters!

Due to the tightening of environmental standards, all the world’s car companies began to equip the exhaust systems of diesel cars with DPF filters. Every year the number of cars equipped with DPF filter increases as the need for maintenance of this unit.

This filter requires periodic forced cleaning or replacement, which is much more expensive. Filters on cars clog after 40-100 thousand km, and on trucks – after 200-300 thousand km.

Clogging of the filter leads to a variety of problems – from displaying errors to increased fuel consumption. Moreover, the engine or turbocharger can fail and it will require considerable expenses from the car owner.

Every year, the number of cars equipped with a DPF filter is increasing as the need for maintenance of this unit. Replacing the DPF filter is much more expensive than periodic forced cleaning on a specialized bench. Therefore, the demand for these services will only grow.

What are the solutions?

  • Self-cleaning of the filter initiated by the electronic system of the car.
    Due to the peculiarities of city traffic, soot is usually not burned in a timely manner. As a result, it accumulates. In this case, the electronic control system reduces the power of the engine and can even shut it down.
  • Installation of a new filter.
    Due to the high price of this part and the need for frequent replacements, this solution is not suitable for all car owners.
  • Removal of the filter and replacement of the original firmware.
    It may lead to malfunctioning of your car and even to lifetime reduction of the engine by 10-20%. Also, a car without filter will have problems to enter European countries. Removing this part also reduces the value of the car for sale.
  • Forced cleaning at home.
    Can cause serious damage to the device. For example, soaking the filter in aggressive cleaning agents damages its working surface.
  • Professional cleaning with high-quality special equipment.
    This is an effective and safe procedure. We offer equipment for exactly this kind of cleaning.
  • The cleaning machine for hydrodynamic cleaning of DPF filters POSEIDON-1000 restores their efficiency to 97%.
    The vehicle remains in compliance with the current environmental regulations. The equipment is also suitable for cleaning of catalytic converters. Cleaning is done by water, air and special detergents.
  • Automatic washing machine POSEIDON-1000 can be operated by only one person.
    Profound knowledge is not needed for this employee. We will teach all the necessary skills to operate the equipment. This is included in the price of the machine. So you will be sure that from the first day of operation, your customers’ filters will be cleaned in the best possible way. And it will favorably reflect on the reputation of the service and will bring new orders.

Why will opening a filter cleaning service be a profitable business for you?

  • Maximum quick payback of equipment for washing catalysts and filter devices, if you own a service for the repair of any car units.
  • The number of diesel cars, and therefore your potential customers in Europe is constantly growing.
  • Cleaning the filter is much cheaper than installing a new one. Therefore, many owners who do not want to spend extra unnecessarily will be happy to use your services.
  • Services that provide quality filter cleaning in our country are still few. That is, the level of competition is low. Therefore, you now have an opportunity to easily enter the promising market and take a worthy place in it.

Advantages of our offer

  • VTM Group has been in the special equipment market for many years and has a reputation of producing reliable, high-tech equipment for repair and maintenance of various automotive units.

  • Many customers throughout the CIS, who have been using our equipment for many years and come to us when they need to expand their business – Every year we help to open 20-30 services for repair of automotive units
Cleaning process
  • Our catalytic converter and filter wash stand is reasonably priced. The need for consumables is minimal. Thus, your business investments will be moderate and will pay back quickly.

  • Fast operation. The accelerated drying mode allows you to perform the entire service cycle in an average of 1 hour. Thus, clients will not have to wait for a long time, and it will increase the popularity of your service.
Cleaning process
  • Automated process of DPF filter cleaning with the ability to program all the modes of the stand.

  • Possibility to check the degree of contamination before cleaning, and then control the result. For this purpose, there is a diagnostic function of the filter condition with report printing. You can give your customers printed reports along with clean filters. So customers won’t have to worry or ask you unnecessary questions.
Cleaning process

Do you have your own car service?

After all, it’s you that many car owners come to you with complaints, unaware that all the trouble is caused by a clogged filter.

Offer your customers a quick and gentle particulate filter flushing, eliminating the customer’s problems.

Be the first in your city!

Make money on particulate filter cleaning!

Contact us and we will set up a particulate filter cleaning service for you and with you

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