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About company

Today the company «VTM Group» is a leading manufacturer of balancing equipment on the territory of CIS and Europe. Our company has come a long way to create a company with a huge scientific and industrial potential. This way, we passed through teamwork and hard work of the whole team and active relationship with the customers of our company. They allow us to get better by actively supporting our initiative to feedback debugging.


In the period of active development of domestic science and technology (with 70 of the 90 years), there were new opportunities, and with them the art to improve the quality requirements in various industries. It was during this period formed the ideas that are the foundation of our company. In 1973, it started production of balancing equipment.

With the advancement of technology the speed of rotation are constantly increasing, so the increased demands on the balance quality parts., That this trend formed the direction of development of the company.

Field of activity

Our clients include firms engaged in the repair or manufacture of parts and assemblies with different duty vehicles. Aircraft manufacturers and aircraft repair plants throughout the CIS and Europe. Railway station and shipyards. Machine tool factories and enterprises of light industry. In addition, we are also engaged in machine tools for the steel mills and companies involved in power generation.

The design of our machines are so versatile that they are also used in the food industry, printing houses, the repair and manufacture of the tool.

In short, we develop a comprehensive solution for balancing: “machine – technology – education “, which will be really balanced.

Industrial opportunities

Our company has extensive manufacturing capabilities and streamlined processes. company staff to seventy percent is made up of specialists with higher education and extensive experience in solving non-standard tasks. The production is equipped as a modern highly precise machine tools with CNC and universal metalworking machines. This allows you to compensate for the shortcomings of both the equipment groups, thereby producing has become quite flexible, productive and capable of performing complex tasks.

Production company

At the moment the company «VTM Group» produces equipment with a maximum capacity of up to 65 tons.

We produce machines for parts weighing from 1.0 gram

The minimum rotor speed on our machine is 150 rpm, min and a maximum of up to 300 000 rpm. min.

We produce machines with different principles of robots and zarezonansnogo dorezonansnogo type. Our clients have a choice, depending on their needs and financial capabilities. Our company provides balancing machines, snap to them and accessories such as: press, welding booths and stands for debugging geometry turbocharger, that is the whole complex of services.

We also carry out orders for special manufacture. equipment and machines are doing with different length of the frame, if necessary. Modernization of equipment, we are also engaged.

Our experience

In order to produce a spec. equipment that requires a deep study of the production in which it will operate. Our experts for many years been studying the intricacies of the various companies and gained experience which allows to develop the technology for balancing the details of any complexity and design. In addition, this experience helped to create the equipment is quite versatile and reliable as the operating conditions of each company are different, and the requirements of customers mainly consisted of reliability and precision equipment.

Organization of repair parts

The knowledge gained has enabled us not only to improve the performance and quality of our machines, but also in the future to help open your business to our clients. However, the experience obtained in the process of interaction between our experts with specialists of customers was not sufficient to determine all the difficulties which may be faced by our clients, for this reason it was decided to open the pilot areas for repair of cardan shafts, turbochargers, as well as the company began to carry out orders for balancing our equipment. This has allowed to acquire personal experience and observe the work of our equipment for many years. The main objective of these areas has been in testing new products. They helped to create accessories and tooling necessary for the job.

Choice of suppliers for repair parts

Our company has established relations with various companies that produce and supply parts and assemblies for automotive repair to work effectively repair parts. Selection of suppliers took place over the years, we have “received bumps” that our customers are protected from unnecessary material losses.

Now we are able to make the delivery of high-quality parts for the repair of cars of various volume, both wholesale and retail. (Manufacturers of parts for car repairs do not make small deliveries).

The results

To date, we teach customers working with our production equipment and developed a training program to train specialists in repair of cardan shafts and repair of turbochargers.