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Balancing technology

Categories: Balancing issues

Technology and equipment play an important role in the balancing process.

Incorrectly manufactured tooling can cause the part to be unbalanced even after balancing on high-precision equipment.

Violation of the technology during the balancing operation can lead to failure of the entire unit in which the balanced part is operated.

Our company has vast experience in developing technology for balancing products weighing from 50 g to 65 tons.

To achieve acceptable values of residual imbalance, it is necessary to take into account many factors such as:

  • Product manufacturing quality.
  • Features of the design of the rotor.
  • Material properties of the part to be balanced.
  • Rotor speed during balancing and operation.
  • The presence of moving parts
  • Product operating conditions.
  • The quality of the equipment and tooling used for the balancing operation.

When developing balancing technology, we use an individual approach, taking into account not only the above listed factors, but also the features and capabilities of the client’s production.

The results of our work will be:

  • Recommendations for improving the technology of manufacturing or repair of a balanced product.
  • Recommendations regarding the selection of equipment.
  • Production of equipment with the necessary functions and technical characteristics.
  • Production of equipment for the selected equipment.
  • Recommendations for choosing the rotational speed during the balancing operation.
  • Recommendations for choosing a way to eliminate the imbalance.
  • Recommendations for determining the place to eliminate the imbalance of the unbalanced mass of the rotor.
  • Recommendations for determining the amount of permissible residual imbalance.
  • Technology of quality control of the balancing operation